Most of us don’t think too much about how to improve our laundry routine but there is more to washing and drying your clothes properly than you may think. The following pro tips can help you get the most out of your weekly clothes washing and drying…

Different Scents for Different Types of Items…

If there’s any upside to doing loads and loads of laundry, it’s having clean, fresh-smelling clothes to show for it. There are many laundry products on the market and all with different scents. You may like a different fragrance for clothing and a different one for your bedding. There are even laundry detergents designed with fragrances like lavender and chamomile to help you sleep better. If you use a fabric softener make sure the scent complements your detergent scent.

Should I Follow The Care Tag Instructions On My Clothing?

A laundry symbol is a pictogram that explains the best way to wash, dry, and iron your clothing. While you may need to end up doing an additional load to accommodate the instructions differences, it is worth it in the end. If you are unsure what the label means ask a laundromat staff member or look online under laundry symbols.

At What Temperature Should I Wash My Clothes?

Between 90 and 110 degrees is considered warm water. And the water temperature between 60 and 80 degrees is cold. If your cold water is below 60, it’s likely too cool to wash your clothing well. Having the right washing machine temperature will help your detergent work more efficiently and keep your clothes lasting longer. Many of today’s clothing doesn’t need warm water, unless noted on the care tag, because of mechanical action used in modern washing machines that helps to remove soil and laundry detergents that use surfactants and enzymes to lift and remove soil from fabrics.

When and How To Properly Dry Your Clothes…

How you dry your clothes can affect how they look and how long they last. Give just-washed clothes a glance and a shake before tossing them into the dryer. Make sure the washing machine did its part in removing stains. If stains remain, treat them again to remove the stain completely before drying. If a stained garment goes into the dryer, the stain will likely become permanent. Shake out garments or linens before putting them in the dryer to remove hidden items (such as socks), help items dry faster and reduce wrinkles. When using the dryer at the laundromat, remember not to over-dry your clothing which can break down the fabric. Choose a fabric sheet with a great scent, or use some tennis balls to make sure your laundry doesn’t come out with static.

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