Want to make your time at the laundromat more efficient and economical? We have a few easy ways to help you save time doing laundry. Are you ready to tackle that mountain of laundry? Stop by a laundromat and get all of your clothes cleaned in one sitting. Follow these 4 tips and you will save time doing laundry…

Use a Laundromat

Using multiple commercial grade washers and dryers will allow you to get all your laundry done in one stop and much faster then you could ever do it at home with just one set of machines.

Sort Clothes Before Visit the Laundromat

We would like to suggest your sorting categories. Start off with color (dark, light, and then whites), check out labels for care instructions, household items should have their own load like towels, linens even soft toys, fabric (cotton and denim should not be washed with rayon, polyester or permanent press). It is best to check with your laundromat attendants before mixing your loads, they will know what works best with their machines to deliver great results. With the evolution of technology, washers and dryers used in the laundromat are well equipped to wash a mix of clothing types without causing any damage. This could save you a lot of money and time if the attendant says you can combine loads.

Family Cooperation

It will save you time if everyone in your family knows your laundry schedule. Have everyone keep their dirty clothes gathered in one place for you to easily pick up and take to the laundromat. Nothing is more frustrating than having to search throughout your home for the family’s dirty laundry. Make them responsible for having their laundry in your designated location on laundry day. Have the family members unbutton their shirts, zip their zippers, uncurl their socks, turn any item inside out if it is embellished, check all pockets. Have them tell you if any items need to be pre-treated.

Laundry Supply Caddie

Make sure your laundry detergent, fabric softener, and static sheets are packed and ready to use once you get to the laundromat. Having all your supplies in one caddie and accessible when you get to the laundromat will save a lot of time.

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