By going to a laundromat there are ways to make laundry day quicker, easier, and even less costly. The laundromat isn’t necessarily the most thrilling place to be. However, having piles of dirty laundry and nothing to wear isn’t a very thrilling experience either. Laundry is just one of those tedious chores that need to get done, and while it may not be the most enjoyable way to spend your time, doing it at the laundromat can be faster and more enjoyable.

Has Laundry At Home Become a Hated Chore?

Statistically, laundry is one of the most hated chores in America. The Laundromat offers you a pain-free way to deal with your laundry. Several machines and larger machines make it possible to do it all at once. Having a washer at home doesn’t stop you from using the laundromat. Your washer and dryer are smaller and so you can spend hours loading and unloading and then drying each small load. If you do not want to spend the whole weekend doing laundry sort your laundry at home put each load in a pillowcase and go to the laundromat and do all the loads at one time.

Use Time at the Laundromat to Relax and Unwind

Once you have all your washing machines loaded you will have some alone time. Read a book, check up on your social media. Most laundromats have wifi watch an episode of your favorite series on Netflix or even catch up on some work on your laptop. Have a cup of coffee or bring along your favorite beverage and chill out.

Use Less Water, Save On Water Bills

Laundromat machines are highly efficient and use much less water than washing machines at home. At a laundromat, the washing machines typically use only 15 gallons of water, while an average washing machine at home generally used double that amount. That will save you money on your utilities.

Laundromats Can Easily Accommodate Much Larger Loads

Your large quilts and comforters should be washed several times throughout the year, typically during your spring cleaning and as needed throughout the year. However, your home washer is not built to handle large blankets and could easily be damaged from such a heavy load. The good news is that laundromat washers are perfect for laundering plush comforters and giving them enough room to move around to be thoroughly cleaned.

You Could Save Money By Using the Laundromat

The average cost per load at the laundromat is around $3-4. And the average cost per load at home is about $2-3 but this doesn’t add in the cost of buying and maintaining your washer and dryer. The cost today of a washer and dryer is about $1,200 to $1,400 or more. Statistics say the number of washer and dryer loads to recoup washer and dryer cost is 605 loads or year. So each of us needs to decide if the home laundry or the laundromat is the best investment for us. It will depend on how much laundry you do.

The laundry demands on large families can take their toll on you. However, doing the laundry at the laundromat will remove some of the hardship that comes with cleaning dirty clothing.

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