There are many benefits that come with using a local laundromat. Industrial sized equipment makes conquering your weekly laundry chores less complicated and life a little easier. Doing your laundry at a laundromat can save you time and allows you to wash over-sized items like comforters and pillows without damaging your own washer and dryer that can get unbalanced with larger loads. While you wait for your laundry to be done, you can relax and enjoy a little bit of downtime you might not get at home. Many people pull their clothes out of the dryer, through them in the basket and leave without folding them. The problem is that your clothes will likely wrinkle and need to be ironed before you can wear them. To keep your clothes fresh and free of wrinkles, spend a couple extra minutes at the laundromat to fold your clothes before you leave. The following are 5 simple tips to keep your clothes wrinkle-free…

Remove Lightweight Items First

Any delicate article of clothing that needs to be placed on a hanger should be removed from the dryer first. If left at the bottom of the dryer, the heavier items will cause them to wrinkle rather quickly.

Separate the Clothing for Each Family Member

As you fold the clothes, separate piles for each individual family member. Bringing a laundry basket or bag can make this task easier both at the laundromat and when you get home.

Place Heavy Items in the Basket First

As you place your folded laundry into a basket or bag, put the heavy items, such as jeans, jackets, blankets, etc., in first. This keeps these items from weighing down and wrinkling the lightweight items.

Push In Any Pockets and Get Your Clothes as Flat as Possible

As you fold jeans or other bulky items, be sure to tuck in all the pockets and get them as flat as you can. Folding pants from the bottom cuff and align the seams of the legs. Proceed to fold in half and then fold once more. This will help you avoid deep wrinkles.

Save Space As You Fold Towels

Because towels are bulky, they take up quite a bit of space. In order maximize the amount space in your laundry basket, fold your towels vertically in half and then roll them up. Place them into the bottom of the basket so that they do weigh down and wrinkle lighter items.

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