You probably know how challenging it is to do laundry on campus! You might be doing their laundry for the first time and learning how to navigate the laundromat. Regardless, taking care of laundry is a key life skill that must be learned. The following is a list of tips every college student should know about laundry…

#1: How To Sort Your Laundry

The first thing you will need to do to prepare your laundry for washing is to sort them based on color– whites, light colored, and dark colored piles. Towels and bedding should be separated into other piles. This will prevent any of your favorite white shirts from turning pink if washed with red pants.

Sorting should also be done based on fabric and washing instructions. Washer and dryer cycles vary based on fabric type. Delicates will need to be washed separately. It is also important that you read the label carefully. Any garment that states ‘handwash’, ‘dry clean only’, or ‘wash separately’ should be put in its own pile and not put in a washing machine.

#2: Empty Your Pockets

After you’ve finished sorting, be sure to check your clothes to ensure that you don’t have any pens, money, cards, gum, or sharp items in your pockets. All of these things need to be removed to avoid any damage to your garments.
A few other things to do before you toss your clothes in the wash or send them off to your drop-off laundry service…
  • Unbutton shirts
  • Zip up zippers
  • Socks need to be right-side out and unfurled
  • Hooks closed
  • Pins and/or buckles removed
  • Velcro properly secured
  • Garments with screen print, embroidery, or sequins should be turned inside out

#3: Pre-treating Stains

Stains can be unavoidable, but they should not be left untreated. It can be easy to forget about that pasta sauce stain or coffee spill once it has been sitting in your hamper for a few days. Now is the time to get in the habit of pre-treating spills and stains before you put them in your hamper.

Pre-washing (not drying in your dryer) or pre-treating spills and stains before you drop them off to a laundry service is important because when you treat stains immediately your chances of getting them completely removed after a wash increase. When using a drop off laundry service, be sure to point out any existing stains so they can be sure to try get them out before they dry.

#4: Laundry Cycles

There is a proper way to wash your laundry and that starts with the settings required to wash and dry your clothes in a laundromat. Learning these is a crucial part of the process. If you didn’t learn these before your big move to college, a laundry facility with assistants can help you figure out the appropriate settings for each of your sorted loads.

#5: Detergents & Water Temperature 

How much detergent you use and what temperature the water is set to matter; being aware of this is just as important as knowing the appropriate cycle settings. Avoid overstuffing the machines as they will not be able to wash or dry the clothes effectively and this can lead to other problems.

#6: Put Together A Laundry Kit

In addition to knowing the five tips above, assemble a laundry kit that contains all the laundry essentials in a tote or hamper to make laundry day easier than ever.
Here’s what you should include:
  • Laundry detergent
  • Fabric softener
  • Collapsible laundry totes
  • A bag for delicates
  • A zippered coin purse or bag

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