Are you using too much detergent? Overloading the washer? Overdoing the bleach? Find out the answers to these questions and more, and pick up some smart laundry tips in the bargain. Here are a few common mistakes that happen in every laundry room…

More Detergent Is Better!

Too much detergent can actually lock in dirt to certain material rather than wash it out. Use only half the amount of detergent that you normally do, then gradually increase that amount if your clothes are not coming out as clean as you would like.

Rub the Stain Until it is Gone

This can make the stain worse and possibly wear away the fabric. Instead, be gentle and methodical. Pretreat the stain before washing the item.

Dry Clean Only is Only a Suggestion

Not necessarily. You may be able to wash these items by hand and air dry but it is best to have these items done professionally.

Fill the Washer with Water First!

When washing in a top-loader with liquid detergent, you should first fill with water, then add soap, then add clothes, right? Well, no. This protocol from the past was meant to prevent residue on the fabric and the machine. But modern detergents are phosphate-free and not harmful to clothes the way old formulas were. As long as you’re not using bleach, don’t add clothing after the water (a pain, because clothes can float). Instead, use this order to distribute detergent best: clothes, then water, then soap.

Overusing Bleach

Think twice before you reach for the bleach. Toss stained socks, tees, and undies into a big pot of water with a few lemon slices and bring to a boil for a few minutes.
Zippers and buttons do not matter! Always zipper the zippers on the items or they may snag the other items in the washer. And do not button the buttons on an item. The agitation of the washer puts too much stress on the buttons and the buttonholes if they are buttoned. This leads to deterioration of the items.

Not Cleaning Your Dryer

Even though you empty the lint filter after each use (right?), lint buildup can clog the duct over time and become a fire hazard. A sure sign that your dryer is clogged? It takes more than an hour to dry a load. Once a year, detach the hose from the back of the dryer and snake a long brush through to push out lint. Also scrub the lint filter once a year with a small toothbrush and a bit of detergent.

Rinse, then Air-Dry Completely

Load up the washer to clean the most at once! Overloading the washer may lead to lackluster cleaning because garments are not given enough room to move around evenly.
One last thing, pay attention to the labels on your clothes and accessories often time they have specific washing instruction.

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