Life is busy. We are constantly trying to find the perfect balance between work and home. The to-do lists just seem to grow no matter how much we check off. So, spending hours at the laundromat just seems dreadful. Just imagine all the other, more enjoyable ways you could spend that time. No worries, we can help. This quick and easy guide will give all the tips on streamlining productivity at the laundromat so that you can spend more time doing what you love.

Three Simple Tips To Getting Your Laundry Done Faster…

#1: Pre-Sort Before You Head Out

It is easy to mix all of our laundry in one basket and just roll out the door. While this seems simpler at the moment, your time at the laundromat will be a lot quicker if you arrive with your laundry already pre-sorted. Pre-sort your laundry before you head out so that you can just toss it in the washers when you get there and get to washing.

#2: Shake ‘Em Out

Let’s face it, we do everything that we can to make the laundry process as fast as we can. But bunched up clothes don’t dry as well, so while it was easier tossing them in the dryer that way, you will probably be stuck at the laundromat waiting on another dry cycle to finish. As you move your clothes from the washer to the dryer, avoid balling up your clothes. Smooth out any clothes that were bunched up in the washer to maximize drying efficiency and remember to empty the lint trap between each load. Little steps make a big difference.

#3: Bring Other Things From Your To-Do List

Showing up to the laundromat with just your laundry is a good way to waste time. Washing and drying cycles don’t finish up in the blink of an eye. Bring that book you have been wanting to finish or your laptop to get some work done. Maybe make the phone calls you have been putting off– anything you could be doing if you weren’t stuck at the laundromat. Don’t let the time you are spending waiting on your clothes to get cleaned and dried be wasted. Make the most of the time you have instead of idling through the cycles.

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