Our 24 Hour Promise

We are here to provide you with:

  • Reliable equipment
  • A safe & clean location
  • Honest &fair pricing
  • Vended snack, soda & laundry supplies
  • Change machines
  • Bi-lingual signs
  • Friendly and helpful attendants
  • Attendant on duty during peak hours

On-Site Equipment

6 load washers: 3

4 load washers: 3

2 load washers: 8

1 load washers: 13

Large capacity dryers: 8

Medium capacity dryers: 20

Start a Business, Save a planet

Right after Rich Peot purchased the local fixer-upper laundromat, he realized how much he didn’t know about running one, but he was committed to three important beliefs.

  • Provide a safe, clean and reliable laundromat.
  • Deliver high quality, top notch customer service.
  • Help preserve natural resources.

Turning beliefs into promises

He wanted this business to not only perform well for his clients and workers, but it also needed to be better for the environment. Here are some of the changes he made to help deliver on the promises made toneighbors, community and state.

Awareness, Education, and Outreach

  • Provides knowledgeable workers during peak hours to assist customers.

Energy Efficiency

  • Replaced front windows.
  • Replaced outdated heating system and replaced with energy efficient HVAC system.
  • Replaced water heater and set to energy efficient maximum temperatures.
  • Replaced incandescent or CFL lights with LED lights.
  • Added LED exterior lighting
  • Established a policy for purchasing that requires Energy Star rated appliances and electronics.

Water Conservation/Quality

  • Replaced outdated plumbing fixtures.
  • Replaced old washers and dryers.
  • Established preventative maintenance program for sanitary sewer lateral lines.
  • Installed outdoor ash trays to prevent cigarette litter.

Waste Reduction and Recycling

  • Implements a basic recycling program.
  • Provides clearly marked recycling bins at work stations and/or in common areas.
  • Conducted a waste audit (within the past two years).
  • Trains and requires staff responsible for cleaning to segregate waste and recyclable materials.
  • Created a landfill diversion goal.
  • Replaced at least 50% of paper stock with post-consumer recycled paper.

Sustainable Purchasing

  • Established a policy for purchasing locally, if available.
  • Established a policy for purchasing environmentally-friendly cleaning products.

Future Plans

Meadowthorpe Laundromat is connected with the surrounding community and are interested in working with neighbors to continue to grow the sustainable message to other local businesses. We are also working on a laundry detergent cap recycling program to donate to area schools that are holding collections for park benches.

Our Sustainable Journey…

24 Hour Coin LaundromatAs of 2017 we have earned the bronze level certification with the City of Lexington KY Green Check Program*. Green Check is a certification program that recognizes businesses for their green initiatives and helps them expand their sustainability efforts. They helped us to go beyond the water and energy conservation, and recycling efforts we had established.  Their support and resources helped us achieve the bronze level certification.

*Green Check is a city of Lexington, KY program.

Becomes Your Journey Too!

We never thought about sharing our “sustainability plans,” but we want our customers to know how they are helping us to go green!

For more information on Green Check.

Click on this link.