How to Get Those Pesky Meat Grease Stains Out of Your Clothes…

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Grease splatters can be hard to avoid when you’re cooking. Whether it’s bacon, beef, or turkey, meat grease comes in all forms. From pan frying meats to dropping the burger mid-flip, the grease practically jumps on your clothes. Fear not, your grease-stained clothes aren’t ruined forever. There are a few tricks to removing these stains and saving your clothing. We are going to give you a few simple steps on how to get those pesky stains out, let’s dive in.

4 Tricks To Removing Meat

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How To Keep Clothes From Pilling and Snagging in the Wash…

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When you’re shopping for clothing this fall and winter, I’m sure you’ll want to purchase items that’ll last for many years. The last thing you need is a new sweater that pills or snags after just a few wears. There are steps while washing them that you can take to prevent it from happening no matter what your clothes are made from. You can slow the process down by taking certain precautions when you launder at the laundromat. You will find several methods in the following article.

Use The Gentle Cycle

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How To Wash White Clothes At The Laundromat And Keep Them White…

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Just as there are rules in life for things like how to drive a car, how to cook a meal, or how to manage your money, there are a few simple rules for how to wash white clothes to keep them looking brilliant and clean. And, if they happen to get a bit dull, gray, or yellowed, there are rules for how to restore the brightness of washable white clothing, too. An especially crisp white dress shirt or blouse is a showstopper, but white clothes are hard to keep white.

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Can I Wash Cloth Diapers At The Laundromat?…

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Of course! Whether you are using a laundromat because you are taking cloth diapers on your vacation this year or because you don’t have your own washer and dryer at home, there is really little difference between how you would wash there, from how you would wash at home. There are various ways to prepare cloth diapers before you go.

Storing Dirty Cloth Diapers

Before we get into the nitty-gritty about washing your cloth diapers, we need to talk about what happens before that. Storing your cloth diapers with the correct method

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How To Keep Bugs That Damage Your Clothes Out Of Your Closet…

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Closets, wardrobes, and even dresser drawers can be hiding and breeding places for many fabric pests.

Keep Dirty Clothes Out Of The Closets

Nothing attracts fabric pests more than cluttered, stuffed, and dirty unwashed clothes in the closet. Do not let stained clothes pile up in the laundry basket. The smell from these clothes will attract invasive pests. Laundromats often have unlimited washer/dryer usage hours, so you don’t have to worry about laundry piling up. Laundromats provide a wide variety of washers and dryers, including larger capacity machines to accommodate large loads

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What Water Temperature Is Best For My Laundry…

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Washing machines have a number of different settings and can wash clothes using a range of water temperatures. For most clothing, the hotter the temperature the cleaner the items but for various reasons like the material of the item and stain treatment, it may be necessary to use other water temperatures.

Use Cold Water

Delicate items or items with tags that say cold water should be washed in cold water. It is also advisable to use cold water for bright colors that may run or fade in higher temperatures. Be diligent about

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Laundromat Tips – Do You Have Chocolate Ice Cream Stains? Try This…

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For as much fun as it is to eat, chocolate ice cream can be a terrible mess that leaves hard-to-get-out stains! It can be difficult for adults to navigate from one side of the cone to the other to keep the ice cream from dripping off the cone, so imagine how difficult these tongue acrobatics can be for children.

Best Way To Prevent Chocolate Stains On Your Clothes

  • Chocolate ice cream stains should be treated as soon as possible to prevent the stain setting further into the fabric.
  • Ideally, a chocolate

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Helpful Tips On How To Remove Yellow Underarm Sweat Stains From Your Clothes….

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Yellow isn’t mellow when it’s your favorite blouse or shirt! Yellow under arms stains can completely ruin your favorite washable white or light shirt unless you’re willing to take a few extra steps to keep it white. Underarm yellowing is caused by a combination of the salt in your perspiration, what you eat, and the type of deodorant you use.

Easy Ways To Prevent Underarm Yellowing On Your Clothes

  • Try aluminum-free deodorant
  • Don’t dress immediately after applying deodorant, let it dry or use your blow dryer to help dry it
  • Don’t

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Laundromat Tips – How You Can Use a Laundry Cart To Help Eliminate Wrinkles…

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It’s not always possible, but when you can, take clothes out of the dryer while they’re still warm and fold them right away. Folding clothes before they cool will virtually eliminate wrinkles, since they won’t have a chance to set. Use the hanging bar on the laundry cart to keep wrinkles from forming, they allow the clothes to hang straight and wrinkle fee before folding.

Target the Clothes With The Most Wrinkle Potential First

If you can’t fold the whole load right away, target just the items that show wrinkles the most.

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Tips For Removing Stubborn Ink Stains Out of Your Clothing…

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You may find that removing the ballpoint pen stain you got on your blouse can be more difficult than the stain on your pants made by a leaky fountain pen. One of the main stain-removal challenges comes from the fact that not all ink types and fabrics are the same, so some ink spots will be easier to remove than others. Luckily, it is possible to remove ink stains from clothing using common household products. Always treat the stain before washing or drying clothing with a stain. In this blog,

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