We spend 35% of our lives sleeping under a duvet and snoozing on our pillows – so what’s the best way to wash them? We probably don’t need to remind you that every day our body sheds millions of skin cells – many of these while we’re asleep at night – and we can also lose a liter of sweat during a typical night’s sleep. Because of the mixture of dead skin and sweat our bedding is often made up of dust mites, which can produce droppings that trigger itchy eyes and asthma – as well as being the breeding ground for up to 16 other forms of bacteria. Washing more often is recommended. Let us show you how easy it actually is to wash pillows and duvets at your local laundromat.

How to Wash a Duvet/Comforter at a Laundromat

The laundromat has extra-large capacity machines which makes it so much easier to wash your duvet. The large capacity machines are perfect for ensuring that the duvet properly moves throughout the wash cycle to get your bedding fully cleaned. Before washing the duvet the first thing to do is to check the fabric care label. If the duvet is made of down filling or another natural material you may have to have it dry cleaned. Second, check for stains, if there is a stain pull the top of the duvet away from the filling and apply your stain treatment spray and wait about 15 minutes before washing. Third, fold the duvet in half to ensure that the weight is spread out evenly. It is important to use a high capacity machine at the laundromat for better movement and evenly cleaned bedding. Fourth, add an extra spin and rinse cycle to the wash program to ensure that all water has been removed.

How to Wash Pillows at a Laundromat

It is perfectly safe to wash pillows (even down pillows) in the washing machine. Try to wash at least two at once so that the washer is balanced and the pillows don’t get thrown around so much. Again the large capacity laundromat machines are perfect for washing pillows. Use a high heat temperature setting at least 140 degrees to kill bacteria. Check your fabric label, if the pillows are synthetic, you can place in the dryer on low heat setting. If they are down you may need to use the air only cycle or take home and hang outdoors to dry

How Often Should I Wash My Duvet/Comforter and Pillows?

While we might have a routine to washing our clothes, it seems like lots of people are a bit hit and miss about washing their bedding with one in ten of us only cleaning our sheets every four weeks. And as for duvets and pillows – well for some it’s only an annual event. When washing use hot water at least 140 degrees. Washing at any lower temperatures will get rid of any dirt, but it will not kill pathogens. Washing at lower temps will just be giving dust mites a bath at lower temperatures. It is recommended to wash duvets every three months or at least twice per year. Pillows should be washed every two months.

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