When you’re shopping for clothing this fall and winter, I’m sure you’ll want to purchase items that’ll last for many years. The last thing you need is a new sweater that pills or snags after just a few wears. There are steps while washing them that you can take to prevent it from happening no matter what your clothes are made from. You can slow the process down by taking certain precautions when you launder at the laundromat. You will find several methods in the following article.

Use The Gentle Cycle On Your Washing Machine

For clothes that you suspect will pill or snag, the slower agitation and shorter wash cycle will protect your clothes. This will reduce friction and rubbing on clothes like sweaters and knit blouses. The delicate cycle also agitates for less time and the overall length of wash is reduced. Also use a liquid detergent. If you want to use powder, let the powder dissolve before loading the clothing. Powders are very abrasive. To help prevent snagging and pilling, use liquid detergents like Woolite that are less harsh to protect the fibers of your clothing.

Use Cold Water

It is a proven fact that cold water gets clothing just as clean as hot water. Hot water can wear out fibers making the clothing more susceptible to pilling and snags.

Use Mesh Bags

Using a mesh bag in the washer and in the dryer reduces the friction your garments receive. Mesh bags also prevent buttons and other items on your clothing from snagging. It is wiser to buy several small mesh bags than putting several items in one large mesh bag so the water can flow in and out of the bag easily.

Turn Your Clothes Inside Out Before Washing Them

During a typical day of wear, clothing comes into contact with our bodies as they move and sweat, leaving them in dire need of washing. By turning your items inside out in the washing machine, you can ensure that these sweat stains are coming in as close contact with the detergent as possible. In addition to that, if the clothing is delicate, you want to eliminate pilling and snagging. Although pilling and snags tends to occur more frequently in synthetic fibers, it can occur to a lesser degree in natural fibers as well. The less friction generated against the surface of your materials, the less pilling and snagging will accrue. Turning clothes inside out also helps prevent buttons, zippers, sequins, beads, embroidery, patches, lace, ties, bows, and other raised decorations on your materials from getting snagged.

Wash Your Delicate Clothing Separately

If you mix the delicate clothing that tends to pile or snag with a material that is abrasive, you will not be happy with the results. Towels and jeans tend to be quite abrasive on sweaters and delicate blouses and shirts, so it is best not to mix them during washing or drying. It’s better to use an extra washing machine and dryer at the laundromat to keep them separate.

Drying Sweaters

If you prefer not to put your sweaters in the dryer, do not hang them on just any hanger. All sweaters and heavier items should be hung on padded hangers, if you must hang the garment. It is best to lay them out flat to dry on a towel when wet.

Loose Weaves With Buttons

Loose weaves can become easily snagged on buttons and other items. Therefore, it is a good idea to separate these items from the rest of your garments or be very careful about what you mix them with.

It may cost a little more to use separate washers and dryers for your delicate items at the laundromat, but the money will be well spent to preserve the life of your clothing.  This will extend the life of your favorite garments that you may not be able to replace.


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