Fashion has never been the same since a Brooklyn baseball team put on the first baseball cap in 1860. Baseball caps have been around for nearly 160 years. In today’s world not only serious athletes but men, women, and children have their favorite lid. You can spend up to several hundred dollars for designer caps. And one from your favorite team may cost about $40.00. No matter the cost you are going to want to care for that cap. We have a few tip for how to keep your lid fresh and clean.

Look at the Label

If your hat has a tag, make sure to read the washing instructions. If it says dry clean only, do it. Don’t bother trying any other method, otherwise you could permanently damage your hat. Another suggestion is to go to the manufacturer’s website. Many will offer guides on cleaning products for purchase. Also check the materials label. Caps are made of several materials such as cotton and synthetics or wool or leather and each will need special care. Knowing the materials will help you know how to care for the cap.

Cotton and Synthetic Blends

Most caps are made of these materials and likely can hold up to gentle washing but there are a are a few things to consider…

  • Test a Small Spot for Color Fastness –  Some dyed fabrics may run when immersed in water ruining the saturation of the color as well as bleeding the color into the embroidery.If the color does not run or rub off , then the cap may be safe for hand washing.
  • Consider the Cap’s Bill – Some caps have cardboard liners and will not stand up to full immersion. If this is the case just gently spot clean. Most often the core is made of plastic that can withstand washing.
  • Use Gentle Detergent in Cold Water – Use a color safe detergent, rinsing the cap thoroughly and let the cap air dry.
  • Don’t Use Dishwasher – Subjecting your caps to the intense spray or heat of your dishwasher.

Performance Fabrics – Beware Certain Cleaners and Softeners 

Typical performance fabric traits are: water resistance, stain resistance, mold and mildew resistance, light fastness, durability, and antimicrobial traits. Some caps are made of these material that are specially treated. Certain products on the market such as fabric softeners or scented cleaners actually harm theses materials and reduces their effectiveness. Use gentle or “sports” rated detergents and follow manufacturer’s directions.

Stained Wool, Leather and Caps With Stains

If you have a stain, work with your local dry cleaner on ways to remove stains or freshen the material without damaging it. These items require special treatment. Wool can shrink in water and has better results with dry cleaning. For regular care lightly brush or vacuum your cap to remove surface dirt. If your hat is sweaty or wet never store it… let it air dry first.

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