If you have a pet, you’re going to have pet fur on your clothes. You can usually identify a pet lover and the color of their pet by the hair clinging to their clothes. Our furry friends are some of our closest companions. They greet us at the door after work and brighten our day when we’re feeling down. However, along with all that love is the hair and fur they leave behind and the challenge to get rid of it. We have a few simple tips to tackle the project…

Use Water

Water makes hair heavy, it allow for the hair to clump and ball easily. Just wet your hands and physically clump the hair in one large bulk. You also could use a damp cloth.

Make It Stick

After you remove the bulk of the hair, it is sometimes hard to remove the small hairs. Use a velcro curler or packing tape wrapped around your hand and tap the hairy areas.

Harness Static Cling

Static electricity can be a fantastic way to help remove hair. Wearing damp rubber gloves and rubbing over the area picks up quite a bit of fur. You can also blow up a balloon and follow the same technique.

Use the Clothes Dryer

Place the fur-covered item in a clothes dryer on permanent press. Add in a couple wet microfiber cloths (the hair will stick to the microfiber cloths) and tumble until slightly damp. Remove the clothes from the dryer and use a sticky lint roller to remove the remaining fur.

As you know, no matter how diligent you are about grooming your pet; they are still going to shed. Any fabrics that have a texture or produce static cling are going to attract their hair.

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