Oh no! Did your favorite sweater or pair of jeans come out of the dryer a size smaller than it used to be? It is sometimes easy to relax the fabric and reshape your clothes. Follow the steps below and you will see how you may be able to save that favorite sweater after all.

STEP 1 – Add enough lukewarm water to submerge the garments you’re stretching. Make sure the water is at or a little warmer than room temperature so it relaxes the fibers in the fabric. Mix baby shampoo or hair conditioner into the water. Add around 1 tbsp of baby shampoo or hair conditioner for every 1⁄4 gal of water you’re using.

STEP 2 –Soak your clothes. Soaking the fabric for about 30 minutes in this solution will give the fibers time to loosen up and rehydrate so that you can help them regain their original size. If you’re stretching a shirt, try lightly pulling on the fabric underwater as it soaks to start reshaping it

STEP 3 – Gently remove the water once you have allowed the fibers to hydrate. Do this gently so that you don’t damage the fibers or compress them even more. Roll your clothing up into a loose ball. Gently squeeze your clothes so the excess water drips off. Just avoid twisting or wringing out your clothes since it could damage the fibers.

STEP 4 – Roll in a towel to help remove even more water, gently roll the laundry in a bath towel. Using light pressure, remove excess water. Avoid rinsing out the conditioner or shampoo since it’s still relaxing the fibers in your clothes. Wait until you’re done reshaping it before washing off the shampoo or conditioner.

STEP 5 – Lay the laundry flat and stretch the clothing out by hand to reshape it. Move the garment onto a second dry towel to start stretching it. Tug on the edges of your damp clothing where it felt tight. Be gentle as you tug on the fabric to avoid damaging the fabric’s fibers. Try to get the clothing as close as possible to its original shape

Use these tips to help avoid shrinking laundry. Use cold or warm water when washing and drying clothes. Hot water can cause fabrics to shrink. Read the care labels on your clothes. This will tell you how to wash and dry them properly. It is important to note that not all shrunken clothes can be un-shrunk. Please note that the success of the un-shrinking process depends on the type of fabric.

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