Choosing the right laundry products can be challenging when you’re standing in the supermarket aisle– there are so many options, how do you choose? Two of the most popular options when it comes to the right detergent are powder and liquid. Not sure which one is superior? This article will help you decide as we discuss the pros and cons of each.

Liquid Detergents

  • Pro #1: The more convenient option as it tends to be less of a mess. You simply pour what you need into the provided measuring cup and then empty it into your washer. The packaging is also a perk as it is easier to carry, use, and store between loads.
  • Pro #2: Since it is a liquid, it tends to dissolve without any hassle.
  • Pro #3: Liquid detergent can act as a stain treater when applied directly to stains before you wash– powder detergents are not usually able to do so.

Powder Detergents

  • Pro #1: It is effective. Liquid detergent tends to be a popular choice by consumers simply because it is easier to use but powder detergent is just as effective when you buy the right kind.
  • Pro #2: It is more affordable. The packaging with liquid detergent, although it is nice, comes with a premium. Powder detergent is most often sold in a box which helps minimize the cost.
  • Con: All detergent was created to dissolve in water, unfortunately sometimes powder detergent clumps up in the washer.
At the end of the day, both options are great. The most important thing to consider when purchasing detergent is that the ingredients in the detergent will get your clothes clean– other than that, it’s all about preference.

Budget conscious buyers might prefer powder detergent because it is usually the cheaper option. Others prefer the convenience of liquid detergent and feel that the ease of use is well worth a few extra dollars. The choice is yours! You can’t really go wrong either way as long as your clothes are getting cleaned.


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