Today, doing laundry at the laundromat is one of the most convenient and time-saving options when you lead a busy lifestyle. One of the keys to protecting your clothes from being overexposed to heat make sure you are choosing the right dryer cycle. With all the settings available on clothes dryers, choosing the right one can be confusing. You can ruin clothes, especially delicates. Clothes can wrinkle and shrink, too, if they’re not dried properly. Special items like shower curtains need to be put on a setting that won’t overheat them. To choose the right one, pick a dryer setting that suits the items you put into the dryer. Here are a few tips to get the best results drying laundry…

Sort and Segregate

The first step to getting the best results when drying wet laundry is to sort and segregate items according to care instruction, fabric type, color, household items. Make sure all the zippers are zipped and the buttons are buttoned. If you have garments with embellishments make sure the items are turned inside out. This will prevent unwanted snags or damage to your garments. Select the best dryer cycle setting to get the best results specific to your items.

What is the Right Dryer Cycle?

Cycles are in groups based on the different types of fabrics to be dried.

Air Dry or Air Fluff

This cycle does not dry wet clothes. The dryer uses room temperature to remove dust, pet hair, or smells from clothes and fabrics. A few items that you will consider using the Fluff cycle would be, dry cleaned clothing, stored smelly clothes, pillows, coats, linens, or denim.

Regular Cycle

Whether you choose automatic dry that uses a moisture sensor to determine if your clothes are dry or select the amount of time you feel the clothes need, the regular cycle is going to use the highest heat setting available on your dryer. Use the regular cycle for the strongest fabrics like cotton, twill, or denim. Your delicate fabrics can not withstand high heat.

Delicate Cycle

This setting uses low heat so drying time will be longer, this is the best setting to use for delicate fabrics. Permanent Press: This setting uses medium heat while drying. It is best used for colored fabrics., embellishment, rayon and silk, and loosely woven clothes. Women’s undergarments should never be dried in the dryer, You do not need to use this delicate cycle for men’s undergarments they can be done on a regular cycle.

Permanent Press

The permanent press setting on your dryer utilizes a medium heat temperature and helps you to avoid having to iron. Many permanent press cycles also have a cool-down period in the end, and some keep tumbling even after the air has stopped circulating. This dryer setting can be used for any clothes that you wear.

Not only are laundromats crucial parts of tightly-knit urban communities, but also they serve as essential businesses during this uncertain time. And laundromats continue to be a safe place to do several loads of laundry at the same time for busy households.

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