Your bed comforter doesn’t need to be washed as much as your bed sheets but it does need to be washed. Most people wash their comforters at least once a month. Some comforters can be big and bulky and some people worry they may damage them in the wash. Some people think they need to take them to a dry cleaner but you don’t if you know how to clean it properly. The following are some tips on are how to wash your comfortable so you can have it clean and last a normal amount of time.

Check The Label

Find your label to read the recommended washing instructions. Follow them as closely as you can.

Check for Tears

Repair an tears with a needle and thread so you don’t damage your comfortable any more during a wash cycle.

Pre-treat Stains

Examine your comforter thoroughly to find any stains. If you find some then apply baking soda or a pre-treatment stain remover product to the affect areas. Leave the treatment soak in for bit and then agitate it with a soft brush or rag.

You’ll Need a Large Washer

Many people take their comforters to be washed at a Laundromat since most have high capacity washers that will give your comforter enough room to be washed correctly. It’s best that your comforter be loosely placed and not firmly packed inside the washer.

Use The Correct Washing Cycle

Set the wash machine to a gentle or delicate cycle and use the instructs from the comfortable label to know which water temperature to use. Then add in a detergent and then start the cycle.

Dry Your Comforter Correctly

Once again, check your comforter’s label for instructions on drying it. Many comforters need to be dried at low temperatures and sometimes removed from drying in 20-30 minute increments to be fluffed and then dried again. Make sure the dryer you are using to dry your comforter is large enough. Most laundromats have larger than normal dryers.

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