Running shoes just get dirty and smelly after awhile. Many runners think that it is too complicated or not possible to wash their running shoes at the laundromat but that is not the case. The following are some tips that will help you get those dirty shoes clean!…

Can All Running Shoes Be Washed?

If your shoes have suede or special leather on them you may want to take them to a shoe repair to have them professionally cleaned. Other than that for the most part, all running shoes can be safely washed. Running shoes are durable enough to be machine washed and can also be wiped down with a soapy cloth, rinsed, and set out in the sun to dry.

Tips For Machine Washing Running Shoes

Prepare them before taking them to the laundromat…

  • Clap the soles together to remove as much mud and dirt as possible
  • Sprinkle 3 tablespoon of baking soda inside each shoe and let sit overnight. Shake the shoes in the morning to remove the powder.
  • Remove the inner sole and the shoelaces
  • Put all the parts in a washing bag or a pillowcase and then into the machine they go.
  • Set the temperature to around 30 degrees and don’t go with the fastest spin cycle to avoid excess stress on the shoes.

Once washed, stuff them with newspaper (to maintain shape)

How to Dry Running Shoes

Make sure that you never place your running shoes in a dryer. The heat will warp the rubber and completely damage the shoe. Do not be tempted by using the low or no heat setting. The only way to dry your running shoes is to leave them somewhere to dry naturally and usually after two days, they should be looking good and ready to use.

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