Washing machines have a number of different settings and can wash clothes using a range of water temperatures. For most clothing, the hotter the temperature the cleaner the items but for various reasons like the material of the item and stain treatment, it may be necessary to use other water temperatures.

Use Cold Water

Delicate items or items with tags that say cold water should be washed in cold water. It is also advisable to use cold water for bright colors that may run or fade in higher temperatures. Be diligent about pre-treating delicate items that are heavily soiled or dirty. They may require a longer wash time or a pre-soak to remove the stains.

Use Warm Water

The majority of your laundry is washed in warm water. Warm water is usually 50-50 hot and cold water. Warm water is the choice for permanent press materials and jeans. It will give a good cleaning without fading, wrinkling or shrinking.

Use Hot Water

Hot water is used for linens and white clothing to remove germs and heavy soil. The high temperature removes dirt and any contamination. However, you need to consider the clothing you put in hot water because it tends to make some clothing shrink, wrinkle, and fade. If fabrics are delicate or bright in color, they do not respond well to high temperatures.

Tips for washing clothes:

  • Check the tags. Most items have a tag with washing instructions. The directions on the tag will recommend the best results for laundering the item.
  • Always check the washing machine before turning it on. Adjust the machine for your load of wash. Check the water temperature and make sure the dials are set for your particular load of laundry. The temperature of the water makes a big difference to the condition of the laundered items.
  • Pre-treat stains. Take the time to pre-treat for stain removal before washing items. You will have a much better chance of clothing coming out clean and stain-free if you do. Do a spot test in a hidden area like an inside seam before applying any stain treatment product.
  • Use a cold-water soak. A cold-water soak can be a lifesaver for certain types of fabrics that have a stain on them. Overnight is the time frame to use for a cold-water soak — the tougher the stain the longer the soak.

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