A Checklist For How Often You Should Wash Clothing…

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Just how often do certain pieces of clothing need to be washed? Even if your household has a weekend of laundry time, it doesn’t mean that you should throw everything — clothes, towels, sheets, in the washer at once. Some items should be washed more often than once a week, while others can go longer between washing. How often you really need to wash your clothes depends on a lot of factors. Take a look at a few suggestions of what you need to know.

Business Casual Clothing You Would Wear

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A Quick Guide On Making Your Trip To The Laundromat Easier And Faster Than Ever…

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Life is busy. We are constantly trying to find the perfect balance between work and home. The to-do lists just seem to grow no matter how much we check off. So, spending hours at the laundromat just seems dreadful. Just imagine all the other, more enjoyable ways you could spend that time. No worries, we can help. This quick and easy guide will give all the tips on streamlining productivity at the laundromat so that you can spend more time doing what you love.

Three Simple Tips

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Laundry 101: The Beginners Guide…

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At some point we all have to learn to do laundry or maybe you would need a refresher course to see if you are doing your laundry correctly. We all dread doing laundry, but we know it is a chore that has to be done. These laundry room hacks will save you time, money, and keep your clothes looking new…

Wash & Dry

  1. Sort Your Clothes – We suggest sorting your clothes into three piles: dark, lights and a mixed load. Put all the whites and off white garments into the

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How to Keep Your Favorite Ball Caps in Tip Top Shape…

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Fashion has never been the same since a Brooklyn baseball team put on the first baseball cap in 1860. Baseball caps have been around for nearly 160 years. In today’s world not only serious athletes but men, women, and children have their favorite lid. You can spend up to several hundred dollars for designer caps. And one from your favorite team may cost about $40.00. No matter the cost you are going to want to care for that cap. We have a few tip for how to keep your lid

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BBQ Stains 101 – How To Save Your Favorite Clothes From Barbecue Sauce Stains…

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Barbecue just wouldn’t be barbecue if it was neat and tidy to eat. Most barbecue fans are okay with that, but it doesn’t make the sauce stains any less visible. Like ketchup and hot sauce, barbecue sauce is hard to miss on almost any garment. Both sauces typically are tomato-based, but BBQ sauce often has some grease to go along with the red fruit component. Here is a look at how to get those stubborn stains out of your clothes…

What You Will Need

How to Remove Stubborn Stains From Your Clothes…

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From grass stains to red wine and beyond, in this article we would like you to learn how to remove these difficult stains for good. Stains on your clothing are the definition of frustrating but before you throw away that blouse you accidentally spilled red wine on, or retire your child’s good jeans because of grass stains, try some of these helpful tips…

Check for Colorfastness

Test for colorfastness first. Apply hot vinegar to an inconspicuous area of the garment with a cotton swab, and let it sit for one to three

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Liquid Versus Powder Detergent: Which Is The Right Choice For You?…

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Choosing the right laundry products can be challenging when you’re standing in the supermarket aisle– there are so many options, how do you choose? Two of the most popular options when it comes to the right detergent are powder and liquid. Not sure which one is superior? This article will help you decide as we discuss the pros and cons of each.

Liquid Detergents

  • Pro #1: The more convenient option as it tends to be less of a mess. You simply pour what you need into the provided measuring cup and

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Laundromat Tips – How To Cut Down On Dryer Time So You Can Save Some Money…

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Everyone needs their clothes clean but no one really loves to spend time doing. The following are some tips that will get you in and out of the Laundromat quicker and saving you some money while you do it…

  • Add a Dry Towel To The Load – The towel will pull moisture out of the wet clothes.
  • Throw a Tennis Ball In With the Towel – The ball will help lift your clothes so the air

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Laundromat Tips – Tricks to Make Sure You Don’t Leave Anything at the Laundromat…

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It’s easy to wash things left in your clothes by mistake. It’s easy for those things in the wash to cause stains on your clothes. The following are a couple easy but important tips to use before you wash or dry any of your clothing…

2 Things to Do Before You Wash or Dry Your Clothing

  • Empty All Pockets – Empty all your pants, shorts, and shirt pockets of all items.
  • Check Inside the Washer and Dryer – Make sure to check inside each washer and dryer before and after using

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3 Reasons Why New Clothes Should Be Washed Before Wearing…

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Who doesn’t love new clothes? Even though the colors are bright, the added glitz is all in place or it’s just so perfectly ironed, we’re sharing three good reasons to wash new clothes, especially pieces like underwear or t-shirts and shorts that are worn in direct contact with your skin before you wear them.

Washing Reduces or Removes Dye Irritation

Dyes can cause severe skin reactions for people, especially in small children, who are allergic to them. If the allergy is severe, the rash will be similar to poison ivy. But even

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